Food & Treats Affect Your Dog, Even with Training

It might be surprising to you, but it is true. Your pet’s food affects his behavior to include his attention, focus, and over-all demeanor.

The pet food companies are fantastic at creating a marketing technique that will pull us in to think that we are buying a great product for our dog when in fact it is the opposite. You might be surprised to find that there are things that are harmful in pet food and also additives like sugar that will not help your dog in his diet. Some of the commercials show meat and all sorts of whole foods falling into a bag but if you actually read the ingredients list (don’t just look at the well marketed bag!) you will see that there isn’t even a whole meat product listed.

So what do you want to watch out for in dog food?

Any sort of by-products. By products are not consumable for humans.

Anything labeled generally as animal. Animal can be any animal to include road kill or animals that have died of disease or sickness. (May see this as “animal digest” “animal by product”)

BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin. All preservatives that can cause cancer when companies can easily use vitamin E or C as a preservative. (Ethoxyquin is used as a pesticide.)

Corn and Soy. Both are the top allergens for cats and dogs. Corn is a cheap filler and is used as a protein source. Dogs cannot digest this and will cause your dog to eliminate more.

What do you want to look for in a dog food?

Whole meat as the first ingredient. You want to see this as the first because you will know that the majority of your dog’s protein is coming from a meat rather than a grain. It will look like “bison” “chicken” or “turkey” on the label.

In addition to meats you want to see fruits and vegetables.

Some of my favorite foods:

Evenagers Dog Food ( )
Halo ( )

Don’t forget about treats too! A good resource is a book called Foods Pets Die For By Ann Martin.


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