Top 10 Dog Lover Gifts for 2014


All you might want for Christmas is your two front teeth, but your dog’s list may be considerably longer! I love spoiling my dogs, and I find there is no better time (or excuse) to do so than during the holiday season. After all, they are family, right? Friends have asked me to put together a list of top 10 great products to gift this season, so after a lot of head scratching and multiple cups of hot chocolate, I have finally narrowed the list down to my favorites! Hope you will find one or two on the list to indulge your own pooch with as well as a dog lover friend or two.

wagathas10. Wagatha’s Dog Treats My friends in Vermont have been busy making these awesome organic cookies for dogs. They smell amazing!! Not only are they my dog Boy’s favorite, but they come in beautiful tins that make for a great gift. They have many flavors to choose from, so good luck narrowing it down!

9. Doogie Walkie Utility Belt I think we can all agree that dogs, just likebelt babies, have a lot of gear. What better way to keep things organized, hands free, and even easier for you to manage than strapping on this handy belt? My friend Jackie has already gifted this product to her favorite dog walker. Sweet! Jackie, I want one too!

8. Training Books Okay, so I may be a little biased, but I think that the three books below would make perfect stocking stuffers. What better way to kick off the new year than with the promise of a better-behaved puppy or dog? From potty training a new puppy to teaching polite leash walking and come-when-called skills to your new or old pal, Elf Michelle has you covered with these choices!

bookcover   controlonleash comeboy
Purchase from and get an autographed copy!

gator7. Ali the Gator Dog Toy by Kong This toy proves two things: Gators aren’t just for the Everglades, and they are not nearly as threatening as their reputation! Ali the Gator Dog is another great stocking stuffer across the globe and from Labs to Yorkies alike. And everyone knows Kong’s reputation for quality.

6. Mutt Matt Clever name, eh? Clever product too! The Mutt Matt is one of myMuttMatsOnGrass_Sm favorites, and it is one of the most versatile items on my list. The Mutt Mat, a bedroll for your dog, travels easily so that it’s great for hotel rooms or overnighters with friends or family. It can be used in the car or in a crate, or you can use it to cover furniture. Santa will have his bag packed with this useful product this year for sure!

throughdogsear5. Through a Dog’s Ear This awesome CD is a gift that will keep on giving. It is recorded Zen for your dog. I have had friends, family, and clients play this soothing CD with such amazing results while they are gone at work or out doing their holiday shopping. What better time to provide your pooch with some comfort than during the hectic holiday season.

4. Dirty Dog Doormat Another alliterative goody, the Dirty Dog Doormat will keep your house neat andpaw tidy throughout the year whether from clumps of snow or muddy springtime paw prints! One of my students introduced me to this product, and I was sold within seconds. The Dirty Dog Doormat soaks up water, mud, and dirt! What’s the trick? Who cares?! It works!

dogclock3. Allen Design Dog Clocks Can we just say super cute? Any dog lover would enjoy this piece of art on the wall, and it’s not just adorable, but functional! You will love these breed specific folk art renditions of your favorite pooch, and you will be right on time throughout the year!

2. Mugs from Dog Speaks Okay this is for all of us “crazy” dog people. keepcalmSeriously! You will be transported back in time to the days when a mug was really a mug in your favorite diner. But these mugs are dressed up with clever sayings and images. Think cup of joe, but perfect for hot cider or steamy cocoa by the fire.

1. MY NUMBER ONE TOP PICK FOR 2014 (Drumroll please!) And, now for your holiday enjoyment, introducing the coolest dog toy in the world: the Foobler. The Foobler is an interactive learning game for your dog! Six different puzzle toys in one! Finally, a smart toy for your dog! You can set it to release the treat at a specific time, and it’s reloading so that when you’re away, the dog can play! And, it comes in festive green and red!

Oh, I could go on and on with gift ideas to spoil your pooch this holiday season, but those truly are my favorites! They are the Cadillacs of doggie gifts with enough variety to keep your pup interested, entertained, and treated throughout the year! And, while you’re spoiling your pooch, why not add a little something to your two-front teeth list…perhaps a nice Rolex or the new Mac you’ve been eyeing? Just sayin’… It’s the holidays! And you’re worth it!!! I’ll bet Santa thinks so too!

Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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