My Dog; Maybe He’s Not Really Trained


My thought of the day…

A truly trained dog will know how to think. With no force involved he will choose the behaviors that you desire whether or not you are around.There are so many debates on what tools to use, what methods to lean on, and over-all the best way to train our fur kids. After training for a decade, I have strongly considered all of the above.

I asked myself, “Does the dog behave whether or not I am in the room? Am I relaxed around my dog or constantly yanking on the leash yelling ‘stop’ or ‘no’?”

Eleven years ago I used prong collars with all three of my dogs. My dogs walked great when they had this tool on, but as soon as I took the collars off it was as if I hadn’t worked with them a day in their life. I came to the conclusion that my dogs were not truly trained. It was because of this that I set out to find something that worked better and found a method based on a fancy word, operant conditioning.

Bottom line and easily said, I use humane methods based on motivation. I am able to communicate in a way that my dogs understand and I motivate and reinforce the behaviors that I want. This way of training teaches dogs how to think on their own and because I never use force, their behavior is reliable whether or not I am there.

My challenge to you, reevaluate. Look at how your dog is behaving and your interaction with him. Is your dog “listening” or are you constantly punishing, yelling, popping the collar, or shocking? It’s time, sweetie pie, to evaluate your relationship with your dog. Imagine a fur kid that you were proud to take around town. Picture you and your dog as the relaxed “couple” enjoying a restaurant patio dinner together. It’s possible!


Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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