5 Dog Training Hacks that can Simply Your Life


Dog training. Let’s add one more thing  to your to-do list. Seriously! Just what you needed, right? I understand. I have a few coals in the fire myself on top of taking care of a house, my kids, and a half attempt of a social life.

Life is insane and as a pet owner we would like a well-behaved dog to join the insanity of what we refer to as life, so I came up with 5 easy training hacks. In less than 15 minutes of training per week, you will be well on your way. Woohoo for a well-behaved dog, keeping your social life and the kids fed!

  1. Feeding time = training time

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that this happens daily; that you feed your dog. Perfect time for training! When you are bustling in the morning getting ready for work, do a simple “sit/stay” exercise.

Cue your dog to “sit” and “stay.” Place the bowl on the floor and release your dog to eat.

  1. Pull a cookie out of jar while you are cooking supper

I always find time for training when I am cooking, mostly because my dog Boy is sitting at my feet with anticipation of accidental morsels of delish dropped to the floor.

So next time you are waiting for the onions to caramelize, pull a treat out of your dog’s jar and work on three behaviors, “come, stay, leave it!” for example. If you are new to the training gig, than pick one behavior and do several repetitions. For the rest of us veterans, we just need to do a quick review of a few cues.

  1. Recall Night

Not to sound like a broken record, but “come” is the most important cue you can teach your dog as this prevents bolting. Dedicate one night (three minutes) to working on “come” through the door way in your house (choose the door or gate that gets the most traffic). A few weeks of the month instead of working in the door way work on “come” from your car. For a “come” exercise click here.

  1. Eye contact

Taking your dog out to potty happens on a daily basis.

Once a day go into the “potty time” as “training time.” Take a handful of treats with you. Any time your dog looks at you praise and treat. Eye contact is key for loose leash walking and many other behaviors like coming when called.

  1. Sit stay in your car and Front Door

To prevent bolting, it’s important to review a “sit/stay” in heavy traffic areas of your house (like the front door) as well as your car. Incorporate this into your daily routine. In other words, if you go out the front door to go on a walk, cue a “sit/stay.” Before you let your dog hop out of the car to head to the dog park cue a “sit/stay.”

Easy as pie, right? In less than 15 minutes a week of training you will be well on your way to having a well-behaved dog.


Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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