Dogs Gone Wild; 10 Car Travel Tips for Dogs

  1. Always pack a bag of your dog’s essentials.
  2. Don’t forget extra plastic bags, paper towels, and Nature’s Miracle in case s/he gets motion sick.
  3. While traveling, serve from the same water source as home or bottled water. I like to pack a few gallons (amount obviously depends on length of trip). Water treatments vary from state to state or even regions within a state. Stick to the water your dog is use to in order to prevent sickness.
  4. Make sure he’s safely secured in the vehicle. If you were in an accident or suddenly stopped your dog could get injured. Also if he is loose in the car s/he can become a flying object and injure others. Use a rear window bar, a kennel, or a safety harness. Be sure to introduce anything new to your dog before your trip.
  5. Keep him/her comfortable. Your dog will be doing a lot of jumping in and out of the vehicle. You may want to consider a car ramp. Practice using the ramp before your trip.
  6. Take plenty of potty and stretch breaks while traveling. I like to map out rest stops because they have grassy areas. Many rest stops now have a specific area for pets.
  7. Plan ahead. As you plan your trip look for hotels that are pet friendly. Ask questions to include pet fees and policies (like weight limit). Sometimes I stay at a KOA campground because they are pet friendly.
  8. Take a pop-up kennel. I love mine and use it a lot when Boy and I are doing events. The pop-up kennel is light, easy to carry, inexpensive and doesn’t take up much room when stored.
  9. Pack enough food for the trip. A trip is not the time to try out a new diet. (Click here for tips on traveling with raw food)
  10. Don’t forget canned pumpkin. Dogs, like humans, can have the extremes happen with their digestive system when traveling. Giving him/her a little bit of pumpkin can help with either case.


Stay safe and happy traveling!

Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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