10 Reasons Why You Should Become the Old Dog Lady


  1. Dog are always loyal

Even though the occasional poodle has caught my dog Boy’s handsome eye (and really how can I blame him?), I will never question my dog’s friendship.

  1. There is no dating involved

Dating. Sigh. I know my dog and my dog knows me (thank God!). There are no weird things to come out of the closet like, “Oh yes I am have a wife and children at home and would like you to be my second wife” incidences. I may or may not be writing from a real life experience here.

  1. Dogs are cheaper and easier maintenance

Boy is so low maintenance. There is no checking in, being bombarded with 20 texts asking me where I am at, or making sure I don’t laugh too much at the waiter’s jokes when we are out. For Boy I just need to make sure he’s fed, pottied, and I occasionally throw a tennis ball and we are good.

  1. Dogs won’t break your heart

I can easily say with no hesitation that Boy has never hurt me.

  1. Dogs always listen

My dog is the best listener in the world and intuitive to how I feel. Sometimes I will give him one look and I swear to God he knows what’s going on with me. After all, we have been together for almost 11 years now.

  1. Dogs never say anything bad about you

Although not one hundred percent sure because he could be bad mouthing me to Belle when I am at work, but I for one have never heard Boy speak a negative word about me. In fact, I am certain he thinks I am pretty great.

  1. Dogs don’t complain when you don’t shave

Come on, ladies! He doesn’t care what you look like. You could have the wild bed head hair in the morning and the breath of a monster and he will still have the silly tongue out of the side of his mouth smile at you. He knows you are beautiful.

  1. Dogs give you gifts every day

There is nothing like coming home to a wagging tail and smiling face, the nightly snuggles during a movie, and long walks. To me, these are daily gifts.

  1. Dogs love your cooking, even if it’s burnt

Boy thinks that I am the finest chef (he probably thinks anyone in my kitchen is, but that is beside the point). He will even help me out with left overs from time to time. Best of all, never complains that he was served left overs.

  1. You are his world

What more could a girl ask for?


Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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