Max the Hero

 My niece, Jaylynn and I loaded up for our first time to go to a pre-screening of a movie. I was slightly stoked that I received an email from the local Time Warner Bro. rep. with the invite. Seriously, how many times does that happen in life? Well at least for me, this was a first.

As we were driving, Jaylynn asked me what the movie was about and I was telling her a war dog. I didn’t know what to expect from this movie. We both exchanged words about not crying and said something like well if you cry I will cry. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I was a part of the military community many years and I knew that this movie would hit home for me.

I met up with my friends when we got to the theater and after a little bit of confusion we made it into theater 9 to enjoy Max. The story started in Afghanistan. I enjoyed watching Max and his handler work together. The bound was incredible. As a trainer I couldn’t help but feel squeals of delight when Max was spot on in his trained tasks.

The movie shows a beautiful story filled with raw emotion, adventure, suspense, and love. One dog changed everything. Max is the true essence of a hero. The story line kept me on my toes and rooting for Justin (handler’s younger brother) to stand up for what he knew was right.

The story in and of itself was one that demonstrates beauty, honor, love, and loyalty. Many life lessons to be learned from this movie including to always trust your gut feelings, always “listen” to your dog, and the importance of family and friends.

In addition to all the life lessons, this movie demonstrates that dogs have emotions. They can experience trauma, sadness, and loyalty just like humans. This movie brings awareness to the importance of training and demonstrates the extraordinary abilities of what a trained dog can do.

Admittedly I cried, but not in a way that I expected to. This movie touched my heart in a real way.

As the movie finished and the credits scrolled, vintage and recent pictures of military dogs were included. Seeing the pictures reminded me, yet again, of how incredible dogs are. Dogs put their life on the line, perform amazing tasks, and provide us a bond that we would never experience without them. I am deeply honored that I can call myself a dog trainer.

Michelle_BoyheadshotAugustRMax will be released June 26, 2015.

Blog written by Michelle Huntting

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