Guys Prefer Blondes; Let’s Talk About Dog Discrimination


  Sorry ladies, true statics to prove this! But in all seriousness there is a color discrimination going on in our shelters. Did you know that black dogs are harder to adopt or even to get noticed?

I know this phenomenon is wild, but it’s real. They call it the “black dog syndrome.”

USA Today spoke to Inge Fricke, director of the Humane Society in Washington D.C., who said:

…it is not a hoax. There is definitely anecdotal evidence. There haven’t been any definitive studies to absolutely prove that the phenomenon exists but it is something commonly accepted by shelter workers as truth.

The suspected reason why black dogs aren’t getting adopted is because they don’t catch the eyes of the adopter the same as other colored pets. Others think it’s because they may look more “threatening.” Others say it’s because they are more difficult to photograph and many adopters look on-line at photos to find their next fur family member.

Many shelters have started to put something brightly colored like a toy in the kennel or a ribbon around the dog’s neck to help draw attention to the black beauties.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog please consider going with a black coat over a blonde 😉


  Blog written by Michelle Huntting


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