Dr Harvey’s Rocks, Boy Says So (And so Does a Dallas Dog Trainer)


Dr Harvey’s Rocks, Boy Says So (And so do I)

Being a pet owner can get complicated, especially when it comes to choosing a dog food. I know I am not alone. I have seen the commercials and the ads. I have walked up and down aisle after aisle at my local pet shop wondering which food is the best option?

All the bags claim to be the best and the packaging looks great, but really what do I buy?


In my last few blogs I talked about how hormones control behavior and how enzymes control hormones. The only way a pet can get enzymes is by eating whole foods.  After looking at how food affects behavior, I think the idea of feeding whole food is a no brainer as the best choice.

Two Concerns Pet Owners have with Feeding Whole Foods:
It Takes Too Much Time
It Costs Too Much Money

But I am too Busy

As a writer, dog trainer, public speaker, mother, dog mom, friend, sister, daughter, and many other hats that I wear in a day I know busy. I understand pet owners on this concern.

Yes, throwing kibble into a dog bowl will take a few seconds, but I have a whole food option that will take 15 minute or less. That 15 minutes will change your dog’s behavior and health.

Also since I am a time management queen, if you feed your dog twice a day, you now have 30 minutes of training time available while you wait for his food to cool down. SEE! totally watching out for you and your pet!

Too Much $$$$$

As a single mom I know the meaning of a “tight budget.” I do, however, think that over-all, feeding a whole food, like Dr. Harvey’s will save you money in the long run. Besides, don’t you think fewer vet visits and better behavior is worth it? With some minor adjustments in the budget, you could easily make it happen. This is not as expensive or as unreachable as you think.

$2 per meal/$4 per day

It depends on the size of your dog, but an estimate of around $2 per meal which is $4 per day is really not a whole lot. I see co-workers spend $10 for lunch every day, so like I said, minor adjustments can make this an easy possibility for your pet.


I owned a holistic pet food shop in Iowa several years ago. My dog Boy and I had a deal worked out. I researched the foods and products and he would taste them. It was during this time that I searched for the top dog food and found a company that I still adore today.

When someone came into my shop with a dog with more complicated allergies or food based issues, I would call Dr. Harvey. He personally answered my questions. I greatly appreciate the fact that this company is family owned and what a plus that they are reachable for consumers.

There are many things that set Dr. Harvey’s product apart from the others, one of which is the way they process their food. Dr. Harvey’s food is processed by using a freeze dried method versus dehydrating. What’s the big deal?

Food Production

Freeze drying protects the nutritional value of food. 

Freeze drying is obviously a method of preserving food. What happens is that all the moister is removed from the food in a vacuum chamber. The process of freeze drying helps retain the nutrients and vitamins as if they were just picked. Not only is the nutrition preserved, it’s much easier to transport because it’s lighter, has a shelf-life, and tastes the same once it’s easily prepared.

Here is a factoid for you today: The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that fresh fruits’ antioxidant phytochemicals are retained after the fruits are freeze dried, and that those phytochemicals are able to reach the bloodstream.

As discussed in an earlier blog, “Kibble Versus Whole Foods” kibble (the hard pellets that the typical American feeds) has no nutritional value left once it’s been cooked at such high temperatures. Other methods of food preservation, such as canning uses higher temperatures that destroy nearly half (50%) of the food’s nutritional value. Freeze dried food is also different from dehydrated food because it’s made using much lower heat which allows minimal damage to the food.

This is one of the many reasons why I choose Dr. Harvey’s.


It’s human nature to be swayed in a direction directed by profit margins, not quality.You know it’s true because we see it time and again. Dr. Harvey’s has been around 30 years. Admittedly I was only a baby when he started this journey. I have been involved in the pet industry a decade now and have known of them for most of that time. It has been during that time I have been impressed with this company because I have not seen them compromise. 

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset


If we are talking about the nutritional value of food, not only does the temperature during the cooking process matter, but also the quality/source of the ingredients. Dr. Harvey’s has gone to great lengths to ensure that our pets are getting the best. For profit reasons, many companies source ingredients from China and stamp the bag with “made in the USA” which is only a half truth. They made it within our boarders, but the ingredients came from China. Dr. Harvey’s ingredients are sourced from the United States. 

In addition, unlike many pet foods on the market Dr. Harvey’s is free of dyes, artificial coloring, added sugar or salt. In my previous blog I talk about the side affects of these ingredients on a dog’s behavior.

Dr. Harvey’s is Sourced From the USA
No Dye, Soy, Artificial Coloring, Sugar, or Salt
Stand Apart Meat Quality
Certified Organic Grains and Herbs

Quality of Meat

If you begin to look into our meat industry you will see a “not so pretty” world. Animals are suffering for consumer’s high demand for meat. Compromises are made daily, and sadly, at the expense of our animal friends. Many animals are put in small pens, forcing them to pile on top of each other, others may not see the light of day their entire life, some are given growth hormones which in turn creates an unnatural build so the animal can barely walk. There is so much going on with our meat industry that not only breaks my heart, but in my core feels wrong.

The meat industry is compromising so it can mass produce. 

If we don’t buy organic or local meat (that states otherwise), we are eating meat that can be genetically modified and more than likely filled with  hormones. Dr. Harvey’s has done their research and because of their high standards of quality not only is all their ingredients sourced from the United States in their dog food their meats are free-range and hormone-free. Now that, my friend, sounds like the best for my dogs.

No Corn or Soy

Corn and soy are not ideal for dogs and should be avoided altogether in the diet. Morgan, my Golden mix was having constant stomach issues and diarrhea. Once I removed corn and soy from her diet it stopped. I know she is not alone. The other thing I noticed when taking my dogs off corn, their outtake (aka poop) drastically  decreased which tells me they are absorbing more of their food’s nutritional value.

Let’s Talk GMOs 

The first time I heard of Genetically Modified food I was in an environmental science class the summer of 2007. My professor played a documentary for us and the further we got into the documentary the harder I gripped my chair. You mean to tell me I have been eating GMO foods and NO ONE TOLD ME?! Shouldn’t I get the choice as to whether or not I eat GMO foods? I was not only shocked, but furious that I have been a test monkey with no clue.

What is a GMO? Is when the gene that is not typically found in a food or plant is changed and modified.

There are many side affects to eating GMO foods. It can cause new allergic reactions. Many times in the way of modifying the food scientist have to add an antibiotic element to make it do what they need to do thus we are building up immunity to antibiotics. We are getting exposed to pesticides as sometimes the modification includes the pesticide in the modification. The purpose is to prevent bugs eating crops, as a result we are ingesting what was meant to kill bugs.

We don’t know the long term affects of GMOs on our body, but in my opinion this is why so many Americans are overweight and struggling with many diseases. Buying certified organic food for our families, including furries, is important.

Be Aware:
Genetically Modified Food

That’s Not All, Pesticides Can Kill You (and your pet!)  

Whew. That title is a bit dramatic. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there. I wish it did. I grew up in Iowa in the middle of a corn field, so I am very familiar with pesticides. Where I lived they air sprayed, but I am also familiar with the large tractors that go into the field and spray the crops.

I grew up on my dad’s tree farm. The chemical that was sprayed on corn and soy crops was so strong that it killed my dad’s trees that were planted closest to the corn/soy fields. Sounds healthy. When people spray pesticides by hand onto our food they have to wear suites for their safety.

Pesticides are dangerous to the earth and also to pet’s and human’s health. Did you know when you eat a non-organic apple you are also ingesting an average of 30 different pesticides that have been sprayed onto that apple? Even if you wash the fruit the pesticides linger and can also seep into the fruit or veggie. There have been many studies linking pesticides to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD and birth defects. Not only that, but causes harm to reproductive system, nervous system, and endocrine system.

There’s a Link Between ADHD and Pesticides: This Can be Affecting a Dog’s Behavior.

It is possible that pesticides are affecting our dog’s behavior if they are affecting our children’s behavior.

Led by Maryse Bouchard in Montreal, researchers based at the University of Montreal and Harvard University examined the potential relationship between ADHD and exposure to certain toxic pesticides called organophosphates. The team analyzed the levels of pesticide residue in the urine of more than 1,100 children ages 8 to 15 and found that those with the highest levels of dialkyl phosphates, which are the breakdown products of organophosphate pesticides, had the highest incidence of ADHD. Overall, they found a 35% increase in the odds of developing ADHD with every tenfold increase in urinary concentration of the pesticide residue. The effect was seen even at the low end of exposure: kids who had any detectable, above-average level of the most common pesticide metabolite in their urine were twice as likely as those with undetectable levels to record symptoms of the learning disorder….In the meantime, Bouchard suggests that concerned parents try to avoid using bug sprays in the home and to feed their children organically grown fruits and vegetables, if possible…While pesticide-free fruits and greens may be more costly, Bouchard says they may be worth the price in terms of future health. (Source)

Dr. Harvey’s only uses certified organic grains and herbs in their foods because pesticides and GMOs are not safe for our pets.

Best of all, Boy gives Dr. Harvey’s palatability two paws up! The first time I opened a bag of Canine Health I was impressed by the aroma. This food is extremely tasty (at least according to Boy). He wanted to show you himself with this video clip. 

I was stoked when I found out that Dr. Harvey’s packages their own food- by hand. My pets are getting the best food from a family owned business that has put such a huge effort into standing up for what they believe in, not compromising on quality, and searching for the BEST ingredients for my dogs. They believe so strongly in their food that they signed a pledge with the Truth about Pet FoodsThey are an open book about what’s in their food and will honestly answer any questions to the consumer.


Dr. Harvey’s truly is the miracle food that will continue to lead the way to healthier, happier, and BETTER BEHAVED dogs. Don’t just take this Dallas dog trainer’s word for it! Do a 30 day trial and see how well your dog does on whole foods.

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Blog written by Michelle Huntting









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2 thoughts on “Dr Harvey’s Rocks, Boy Says So (And so Does a Dallas Dog Trainer)

  1. MattieDog says:

    We lub dis food from Dr. Harvey’s! You did a great write up about all of the benefits and the ease of making this food – thank you, as it truly is very whole and healthy. We use this food and add salmon or sardine or chicken or some other protein, and add a bit of Dr. Harvey’s supplements. It’s so easy – we just put the Dr. Harvey’s in a little glass bowl with a plastic lid, add ionized water and set it in the fridge, later in the day it’s ready! Simple, tasty, whole and nutritious!


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