Why Should I Care? Love, Your Dog


Imagine if a guy or gal called you up and said, “You will go out with me on a date Saturday. You will love me. You will respect me. You will walk on my left side; never in front of me. When I share a joke, you will laugh. Because I am me, your world revolves around mine.” Sounds like the real deal to me. Really? You know this is ridiculous.

Pet owners, why do we expect this from dogs?

The current trending thought process is that your dog must walk through the door way after you, walk on your left side, and the idea that when you command something he MUST comply or, heaven forbid, you are less of a leader and somehow lost your dog’s respect.

Can anyone else see how silly and absurd this way of thinking is?

Follow me the next few weeks on my next blog serious, “Why should I care?” Love, Your Dog and gain from science based thought on training, dogs, and how it all works.



Building the bridge of communication between dogs and pet guardians
Michelle Huntting 

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