Pet Holiday Zen Tip 1#



Let’s be honest having company, no matter how much you love them, can be an extra burden and sometimes overwhelming, right? Your routine is off. You are constantly vigilant (if you are a great host) monitoring your company’s level of comfort. At times, we aren’t as relaxed even in our own home with company sharing our space. I can only imagine this is true for dogs as well. 

They may or may not be used to house guests. Maybe the guests get into your dog’s space, making him feel uncomfortable; maybe there are unfamiliar children involved, and the list goes on. The fact is, just as having guests in the house is not the same for you, they just aren’t the same for your dog either, so it’s important that you provide a space for your dog that is his own where, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, he can get away to relax and breathe and regain his Zen.

This space could present as a kennel in another room, a baby gate in your own room or master bath, or a laundry room. It needs to be a place where he can 100 percent let down and not have to worry that your second-cousin-once-removed is going to poke, prod, or pet him. He can just be in his own space.

Depending on your dog’s comfort level, he may need to stay in this private space the duration of the visit and taken on leash to potty and exercise as part of his routine.



Michelle Huntting



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