A Deaf Dog’s Letter to Santa

Thank you, Bernard with Dog and His Boy for sharing with us your top picks for this holiday season. I loved them so much I had to share them myself. ❤

Dog & His Boy

5 Gifts Your Deaf Dog Will Love


This time of year, no matter where we look, we are flooded with images of joyful children tearing into magical gifts left under the tree by Santa. Among the pile of carefully wrapped boxes, a happy child is sure to find a special toy that will bring pure joy to his life, his face lighting up as soon as he sees it. Suddenly, his whole life is planned around those Matchbox cars. It’s not that he doesn’t like every one of his gifts, it’s just that those race cars and pick-up trucks are extra special.

And you know what?

The dogs in our lives experience the very same thing. They, too, have favorite things. I know, for example, that Galileo, despite his wonky knees and creaky back, will clear the dining room table to get to his PetSafe Busy Buddy Jack toy before Foster of Edison do. He LOVES this…

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