12 Days of Christmas: Day 6


6 Impressive “Leave Its!”

“Leave it.” This cue is up there in the “all important, to-know” cues. If you think about it, not only can it save your dog’s life, but it will make your life sane and it will also promote impulse control for your dog.

If you are new to the “leave it” gig, please refer back to the basics blog I posted about how impressive your “leave its” can truly be. For the rest of you powerhouse dog handlers, here are six “leave it” challenges. Let me know how it goes, and please, brags are on! Share how your dog does below in comments!

Remember, set him up for success as you work though the challenges; work at your dog’s pace.  Always be ready to cover the treats with your hand in case he goes for them. As best as you can, prevent him from getting the leave it item after you cue “leave it.” Good luck!

Challenge One. Place treats on your dog’s paw (and leg). You can work toward several treats like my super rock star, Boy, pictured below. Look at those eyes!

Challenge 2. Drop treats from several inches from the ground.  Start with one and then work up toward a handful. (Tip: I cue “leave it” before  I drop the treats.)

Challenge 3. Place a treat on a couch or chair that is eye level to your dog.  

Challenge 4. Throw a treat toward your dog (obviously without hitting him) and also throw treats beside your dog. Work up to several lave it treats.

Challenge 5. Hold a treat in your hand. This is such an important “leave it” to teach because you never know when someone will try and offer your dog something tempting, but not safe, like a chicken bone.

Challenge 6. Drop treats while standing and work up toward several treats.



Thank you to Dr. Harvey’s for the yummy Coconut Smile treats. Miss Belle and Boy enjoy these very much.






Blog written by Michelle Huntting
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