Pet Holiday Zen Tip #5



Recently, my niece and I were talking about athletics. She is a distance runner and can go many miles. I told her that I am not a long-distance runner, that I sprint and do interval training. As she was unfamiliar with the concept of interval training, I explained that, for my workout, I run as fast as I can for a specific distance, and then I walk for a specific distance and then repeat that pattern. My training is an example of how you need to manage your dog’s time with family—in intervals. He spends time with you and the family, and then he goes into the room of his own. Spending time in his room is equivalent to my recovery walk time when I am doing my regimen. This slowdown gives me a second to collect myself before I go at it again. Providing intervals of exposure for your dog is important because it will help set him up for success so that he does not become overwhelmed in an effort to “run the distance.” It gives him a chance to regain his Zen.

Written by: Michelle Huntting

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