12 Days of Christmas: Day 7


Guest Blogger: Melissa Clinton with Barking from the Bayou

On the 7th day of Christmas my dog gave to me 7 sweet spins! 

Teaching your dog to turn around is one of the easiest tricks for them to learn. Even my 8 year Basset Hound was quick to pick it up. He still turns in slow motion but he does turn!

You begin this trick by having your dog face you. Hold a high value treat just above their nose and make a circle. The dog will usually follow the treat. Be sure to say, “Turn around” while they are rotating. When they have made a complete circle, be sure to give them the treat and a lot of praise. Continue this routine with the treat until they are certain of the “turn around” command.

You will soon be able to use you voice and a circular motion in front of the dog and they will turn around on their own. It is a fun trick and looks very impressive.

A funny thing happened when I was teaching my Basset, Bentley how to spin. Our Westie, Pierre already had this trick mastered and would watch while Bentley was learning. Each time I told Bentley to turn, Pierre would quickly spin around!

The main thing about any training is to make it fun.

Merry Christmas!

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