It All Started with a Dog

Please Note: I am not a pet nutritionist nor a veterinarian. I am however a mother, a dog mom, pet enthusiast and a professional trainer with common sense, observational skills, and a sense of humor (thought I’d add the last for good measure). Please seek a holistic vet for specific dietary questions. This blog is sponsored by a company that I strongly believe in and highly recommend (and have for years).

It all started with a dog. True story. Don’t most perfect stories begin with a dog? It seems like the animals can connect us to the right people at the right time, push us in the right direction, and many times get us to stop and smell the roses. I owe my entire career to my dog, Morgan.

Morgan was a feisty puppy. She came into my life when I was broken and broke. I had a severe case of PTSD which made it difficult for me to even leave the house. She helped me build my confidence at the beginning of our journey together and reminded me of who I once was.

As she grew older, Morgan’s stomach continued to cause her problems (aka diarrhea), so I started researching. What I found from my research with the pet food outraged me; so much so I opened a holistic pet food shop (which launched my career in dog training as well) to share the information I learned with my corner of the world.

Morgan had horrible diarrhea. When I started looking into details, I saw that the number one allergen for dogs and cats was corn and soy. When I checked the majority of pet food labels the very first ingredients read just that. How could they do this to pets? I was feeding Morgan food that triggered an allergic response, but also sometimes her nerves got the best of her.

Besides changing her food, I added pumpkin and many other great herbs into her diet and it immediately soothed her stomach. This past week I was more than thrilled to see Dr. Harvey’s new product Runs Be Done! The ingredient list has the perfect blend of all the right natural things to stop things, literally.

It’s hard for any dog to behave and focus on a training program when their stomach is hurting. When looking at a dog’s behavior one must look at the dog as a whole. At the root of it all, health and diet drive behavior.

I have worked in the pet industry for 11 years now and this is a problem I see on a daily basis. Runs Be Done provides a perfect solution for dogs with chronic stomach problems, for a dog is recovering from sickness, as well as those sporadic incidences when needed.

Thanks, Dr. Harvey’s, for always looking after our pet’s well-being.



Blog written by Michelle Huntting
Building a bridge of communication between dog and pet guardian 

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