Make Your Dog’s Day in 3 Minutes

Let’s talk environmental enrichment. Environmental enrichment enhances the animal’s environment with the goal to improve their social, cognitive, and psychological well-being. 

This is something that a zoo keeper has to constantly keep in mind for the animals brought into an enclosed environment from the wild, but something as pet owners we rarely consider. You can improve your dog’s life and also his behavior by offering him simple things in his everyday life. Below is a great enrichment idea for you that will take you three minutes of prep time (that’s it!).


I can’t be alone. I have a pile of bones at my house. My dogs love the marrow and as soon that’s all gone, so is their interest. So that leaves the question, what do we do with a pile of bones? I have the perfect solution!

Empty marrow Bone
Peanut Butter
Anything else you want to add

Stuff your empty bone, layering each goody. I like to top the ends with peanut butter to better hold it all in.

Freeze it if you’d like. Voila! A happy dog!

I bet you can get even more creative! Leave comments below of things you use.




Blog written by: Michelle Huntting
Building the bridge of communication between dog and pet guardian 

5 thoughts on “Make Your Dog’s Day in 3 Minutes

  1. tlsilvey says:

    I have been reusing my marrow bones for months. I make a mixture of raw little kibble and coconut oil and stuff about 10 bones at a time and keep them in Tupperware in freezer. They only get them in their crates.

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  2. Marie says:

    I am interested in getting help with my hyper 3 year old and was wondering if u work with owners and their dogs on a one on one weekly bases?? I’m very interested in your training methods and ideas, and would love to have your help with my young man. Will look forward to hearing from you. Marie R



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