Give Him a Break; Puppy Training

Training puppies is not the same as older dogs because of attention span. It works the same for kids. Younger kids have a short attention span, right?

objectplayWhen working with your puppy keep training sessions around 15 minutes or less. Within that session you will train 1-3 minutes and then provide a 1-3 minute play break.

When you are ready to start a play break use a release word like, “Okay, go play.”

What are “play breaks?” A play break is a small break from training 1-3 minutes which can be playing tug, chase, fetch, etc with your puppy. You can also pet and talk sweet to your puppy during this time.

After your play break, return to your training session. justfunandplay

Puppies are a ton of fun to train, but it’s important to meet them where they are at developmentally and just like children, they have a shorter attention span with a stronger need to play.

What’s your puppy’s favorite game? Have you used that game in training? Share in comments below.





Michelle Huntting
Building the bridge of communication between dog and pet guardian 


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