Puppies, Dogs, and Chewing

Chewing. Gnawing. Nipping. Biting. Welcome to the world of puppy! Their razor sharp teeth are hard to ignore. 

Puppies NEED to chew. Their teeth don’t settle into the gums until they are 18 months of age, so it’s important as their guardian to cater to their need to chew.

In order to meet their need, a lot of redirection is needed. Many times the guardian gets mistaken for the chew toy. When this happens simply redirect them with the appropriate option. Other times, beautiful things in the home can fall victim to puppy’s teeth and in this situation you will redirect with an appropriate item. I rescued a pure bloodhound puppy many years ago and she was chewing on my rug and I calmly replaced the rug with a stuffed Kong and she was just as happy. It can be that simple. 

Here are many good options for puppies:
Tug Toys
Bully Stick
Kong Puppy Teething Stick

A Kong is a “go-to” for me and I often tell owners to stuff several ahead of time for when you are in a time of need. A Kong not only can be a great tool for chewing, but is also a fabulous thing to use for environmental enrichment.

Here is a simple way to use a Kong

Gather your dog or puppy’s favorite food choices. My dogs really enjoy peanut butter. Today I also grabbed small treats that are made in the USA. You can even use your dog’s kibble, if you’d like.

Now you can start layering all the yumminess. First treats, peanut butter, treats, peanut butter and always top it with the peanut butter to hold it all in. For older dogs you can freeze it.


I think Boy looks happy 🙂 Don’t you?

This is just one of many great options for your puppy to chew. Remember. Be patient. Redirect. Happy puppy training!

The Kong Company has a list of great recipes. Let us know how you use the Kong in comments below. What type of goodies do you dogs enjoy?



Michelle Huntting
Building a bridge of communication between dog and pet guardian. 





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