The Big Bad Storm


Boy, my “man” has a few anxieties and a storm is one of them. We could chalk it up to his amazing sense of hearing that is overly-sensitive to the sounds of the storm (don’t be a hater on a sensitive man either) or from a time when he was in the care of a neighbor that left him outside during a storm (we are no longer talking). Either way, Boy hates storms.

What happens when a storm comes through?

Boy follows me around the house. Less than a month ago I was enjoying a shower which I truly treasure as my alone time and he rudely hopped in. I am sure if another adult had been in the house they would have been laughing hysterically at my one-sided conversation with Boy. “What are you doing, Boy?” He plops down into a sit position, getting more and more drenched. “Seriously, Boy?! You just got groomed! Jeez, what a waste of money!” He looks up at me and then back down. “Really, Boy?” He continues looking straight forward, in the opposite direction of me. “Boy, you need to get out.” I open up the curtain and motion with my hand. He goes into a down position. He’s not skinny either. He’s so big and takes up the entire tub requiring me to reposition myself to the side of the tub, barely getting any hot water. “Oh well! I guess after 11 years there’s not a lot you haven’t seen.”

I realized after we got out of the shower and a few sailorish words later (yes, I screened those out in the above storytelling), that there was a storm moving in. Woopse.

He digs. He has to do it. Even if I pat him on the shoulder he will continue like, please just let me push pretend dirt a few more times, mom, before I can stop.

He hides. His safe place is a weird one, the garden sized bath tub. I think that the large tub helps muffle some of the sound.


Every dog with storm enduced anxiety will react differently to storms, but these are some of the examples.

What are some things you can do to make your dog more comfortable?

A place for him to go. I have found that a place that helps drown out the sound helps my own dog, like the tub. For those of you that have a basement this may be the best place. You can add things, to a kennel for example, to make it comfortable like a pallet of blankets.

Thundershirt. This is a great product that acts like a security blanket and promotes a calm reaction. Thundershirts are fabulous! Both my clients and I have had great success with them.

Through a Dog’s Ear. This special clinically proven CD promotes relaxation and can be used as background music to promote a calm response.

Observe your dog to see what makes him more comfortable. Just like humans, dogs differ in their comforts.

For the next big bad storm, use my suggestions and observe. Work toward making him as comfortable as possible. Seriously though, Boy wanted me to reiterate the fact that, although sensitive he is still manly.






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