Puppy Nipping Ouch!


I recently have been training a lot of puppies in the nipping stage. First of all, my arms hurt. Second of all, you are now hearing from a trainer with recent experience that is driven by empathy with this blog!

With that being said, I can give you bits and pieces of advise today, but let me assure you that this is not a cure all. Many puppies out there will have not read this blog or other training manuals. If you are still experiencing problems, please consult an educated professional. You are more than welcome to contact me as well!

Here are a few tips for you: 

Use Toys to Redirect (Larger Toys Are Better Than Smaller Toys)
As a puppy, Morgan my Golden retriever mix needed something to chew almost constantly.  I always had something for her to chew on, no matter where we went. Every time she would try to chew on me, I would immediately redirect her to the Nylabone or her bully stick.

Avoid Getting your Puppy Overly Excited
Puppies on the developmental scale have the urge to put everything in their mouth and also don’t understand how delicate human’s skin is. Also, they don’t have the ability to calm themselves down like an older dog might. Be sure to prevent any over excitement and if he does get excited you are more than welcome to place him in a small enclosed area like a bathroom or his kennel with a fun chew toy or bone to help him calm down.

Keep Play Time Manageable
For example, you know at seven minutes of play he’ll be too excited, so only play for four minutes. I use a lot of “time out” times where puppy is in kennel 2-5 minutes with something fun to chew to help him calm himself back down again.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
One of my favorite games with puppies is the Flirt Pole (You can check out the details here), fetch and also an outdoor walk.

What to Do When Puppy Nips:
If your puppy starts to nip, quickly fold your arms in front of you and ignore him. After two seconds of no nipping, calmly start interacting again with the puppy. If the puppy starts to nip, repeat the process. If you’ve done this twice and the puppy is still nipping, get up and leave the room for a few seconds (sometimes I shut the door behind me which seems to get my point across).

What’s been your experience with puppy nipping? Enter comments below.






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