About Michelle


Michelle Huntting is a dog trainer, author, public speaker, educator, and innovator in the pet industry. She has a “can do” attitude and a gentle, assertive, and contagious leadership style. She is known for her determination and passion; this single mother of twins has stopped at nothing to continue pursing what she believes to be her life purpose. She has authored three books, founded of a post-secondary institute for professional trainers (Kenyon Canine Institute), and is a contributing writer for Autism Parenting Magazine.

Boy is Michelle’s almost 12 year old Bloodhound/Lab mix. He often does demo shows with Michelle, doga classes (yoga with your dog) and therapy visits. In the past, Michelle and Boy did dog bite prevention in the schools. Boy’s favorite games is fetch and tug (tennis balls!). He loves food (especially Dr. Harvey’s) like any hound and long walks with Michelle.

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4 thoughts on “About Michelle

  1. Misty says:

    One of my friends from work gave me the most valuable advice, but it’s only usable before the baby is born. He told me8;u:220&Yo#’re going to be at the hospital a long time. Your wife won’t be allowed to eat, but you are. If you get hungry go get something to eat, but whatever you do, DO NOT LET HER SEE YOU EATING ANYTHING! I’ve been hearing about the same sandwich for 20 years now.”


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