Lucky’s Life Lessons; A Dog and Unconditional Love

I know I am typically blogging about hard core training topics, but this week we will have a nice change. Karen Palmer, Amazon’s best- selling author of Dogs are Gifts from God and The Secret to Puppy Love, is guest blogging about her life lessons from her dog Lucky.

Since Karen’s blog is about life lessons, I thought it would be the perfect time to share about our new project. Karen and I are currently collecting stories from people around the world and we want to hear from you! How has your dog changed your life? What lessons have you learned from your dog? Please share your stories here!  –Michelle Huntting

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3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After in the Real World

My husband and I have been together 20 years. I’m not going to lie , some of those years were challenging but we learned the real meaning of life. I want to share the secrets to help anyone who is in a relationship or is thinking about starting one. These secrets will guide you to real love; the kind of love that fills you with joy! Relationships are to help us grow and as we grow through each experience we have access to unlimited happiness. Our relationships are all divine assignments but we get to choose if we learn through painful experiences or joyful lessons. Life is a roller coaster ride we have ups and downs but these tips will help you truly enjoy the ride.

  1. Love yourself before you begin any romantic relationship

Let’s face it, we all have baggage we carry from past relationships and I am no different. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and suffered in silence many years ago. When I left that relationship I had lots of trust issues and I knew it was time to work on healing myself. I really wanted someone in my life that I could trust; so I adopted a puppy. Her name was Lucky and she changed my life. I was blessed to have Lucky for 18 years. She taught me about unconditional love, forgiveness, living in the moment, and spreading joy. I know these were the lessons she came to teach me and I was ready to learn. She loved me unconditionally and I started to believe, if she could love me maybe I really was lovable. I began to work on my negative thought patterns and release old limiting beliefs. Lucky really helped me believe in myself and heal a lot of old wounds. One day a wonderful man named David asked me out for a date, and I was ready to go. I was really feeling complete, not searching for him to fill me with worthiness and love. I was finally ready to have the best relationship of my life.

  1. Couples who read together grow together

When David and I first started dating we both had issues to work on. We were both open to learning news ways to communicate. We decided to take turns choosing books to read together. We both felt we had a lot to learn because we never really had role models or experiences with loving relationships. The first book we read was Don’t Sweat the small stuff in Love by Richard and Kristine Carlson. We got lots of great advice and we laughed a lot as we realized it’s all small stuff. The silly things we get so upset about can be great lessons in patience, acceptance, and compassion. We read The Four Agreements and Beyond Fear by Don Miguel Ruiz these books really helped us really SEE each other and that our relationship was a true gift. David and I have always been supportive of each others dreams and when we read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. We both knew we were destined to be together. He encourages me to believe in my dreams and this book reminded me that it is my personal legend to help women, children, and animals. If feels so awesome to know he is in my corner it helps me believe anything is possible; and it is!!!! We chose to read The Course in Miracles and May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein and this really improved our communication skills. When anything negative comes up we remind each other we can choose love. We also read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and applied these incredible strategies and saw amazing results. We read Just One Thing and Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson which helped us cherish each moment. We also enjoyed Falling into Grace by Adyashanti and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. These books really awakened us to living in the moment and being grateful. I highly recommend all of these books and many others that help us see how truly connected we really are.

  1. Focus on the good stuff and it Grows

Many years ago David and I started a journal we call it “What I like about you”. Each day we write one thing we appreciated about each other. This journal is filled with magical moments and simple everyday things we appreciate. Simple things like “thanks for putting the dishes away last night” and “thanks for making us a delicious dinner.” Magic moments like when we decided to go to Vegas and renew our wedding vows at Graceland Chapel with Elvis. We felt like teenagers with no responsibilities and had the absolute best time. I know when we look back over our lives we will cherish that day so much! Sometimes when we are having a challenging time, I will pull the journal out and we will cuddle up and focus on why we love each other. This always reminds us we are always making memories; do we want them to be happy ones? WE get to choose! I suggest all couples do this and think about having a journal for you and your children to write to each other too. The great thing about this is how appreciated each person feels and we all want to feel appreciated; this is a simple and fun way to do it.

So those are my three simple secret revealed make your life fun and exciting by turning everyday into a new adventure. You create your life; you are the author and the artist. Go out there and live your dream life. These secrets will show you how many of our friends and family have told us our love gives them hope. I hope this will open your heart to new possibilities. Love is something that we all desire in our lives. When we become a couple it is great to continue to do activities separately and together. I am a kundalini yoga teacher and I love sharing with people and pets the magic that is inside us. David loves to ride his motorcycle and is an amazing photographer. We encourage each other to have fun and we also find ways to have fun together. We learned how to do the West Coast Swing dance watching a youtube video together we laughed, stepped on each others feet, and finally got it. We go out dancing on the weekends. I love to sing so now; I sing with my friend’s band. Life is a playground and we get to make our own rules. I hope these secrets will inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Please share this with anyone who wants more love, fun, and joy in their life. Please share how you celebrate your loved ones? They can be two-legged or four-legged love is everywhere. Let’s share the love!!!!! There is a FREE meditation you can download on my website to release your limiting beliefs.

karenpalmerblogKaren Palmer is affectionately known as the “Queen of Kindness” she is following her inner- calling to help women, children and animals end the suffering of abuse. She is a successful non-profit business leader, environmental educator, dog trainer, NLP Practitioner, and yoga instructor. As a Law of Attraction Success Coach, Karen uses a mindful approach to create programs that help people live their dream life and inspire others. She is also  a relationship expert that has been happily married for 20 years. You can contact her at or she has a FREE Animal Wisdom Magazine you can sign up for and also a FREE meditation you can get for discovering the magic in you and your pets. Learn easy ways to release blocked energy to live the life you dream of.