Gettin’ Tricky with Boy: Balancing and Catching a Treat


Boy and I thought we had to try out the new POWER POPS! by Dr. Harvey’s with a new trick. What better party trick than balancing and catching a treat?!

The first step is to place a treat on your dog’s nose.

Hold the treat on your dog’s snout and say “waiiiiiiiiit.”

Now, let go of his snout and tell him a “get it” cue. 

Do not expect a long duration of holding the treat when you first start this trick. You want to start with quickly releasing him and work toward a longer hold each repetition.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Some dogs might throw a treat further than others before s/he masters snatching the airborne treat!

Have fun! Let me and Boy know how it goes…

Here is a fun blooper from our training session. Boy accidentally snapped my thumb instead of the treat! I think he felt bad because for the rest of that session he didn’t try as hard 😉

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9


9 Hugs – Performed by Earl and Ethel from Earl’s World!

Teaching your multiple dogs to hug on command is an impressive, adorable and incredibly talented trick to teach. The final result will never seize to impress your friends and family, and will come in handy when you need a party trick to entertain your guests!

To teach this trick, you need to teach at least one of your dogs, preferably the larger one, to give their paw and/or teach them the paw target command.

Once this has been mastered, replace your hand with the presence of your other dog. Encourage your dog to place his paw on your other dog’s shoulder, by placing your hand there to begin with. Once your dog is confident doing this, slowly move your hand away, pointing to your other dog’s shoulder instead. Every time your hugging dog places his paw in the correct place, reward your dog with your dog’s favourite reward. Keep practicing, then replace your paw giving command with the ‘hug’ command, until your dog is happy to place his paw on the shoulder of your other dog with the simple command.

If your dog is anything like my older dog, he may start placing his paw on your other dog whenever the dogs are in each other’s presence, in anticipation of a reward! This causes a good deal of hilarity and laughs!

Enjoy training!




Blog written by Guest: Earl’s World!

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12 Days of Christmas: Day 7


Guest Blogger: Melissa Clinton with Barking from the Bayou

On the 7th day of Christmas my dog gave to me 7 sweet spins! 

Teaching your dog to turn around is one of the easiest tricks for them to learn. Even my 8 year Basset Hound was quick to pick it up. He still turns in slow motion but he does turn!

You begin this trick by having your dog face you. Hold a high value treat just above their nose and make a circle. The dog will usually follow the treat. Be sure to say, “Turn around” while they are rotating. When they have made a complete circle, be sure to give them the treat and a lot of praise. Continue this routine with the treat until they are certain of the “turn around” command.

You will soon be able to use you voice and a circular motion in front of the dog and they will turn around on their own. It is a fun trick and looks very impressive.

A funny thing happened when I was teaching my Basset, Bentley how to spin. Our Westie, Pierre already had this trick mastered and would watch while Bentley was learning. Each time I told Bentley to turn, Pierre would quickly spin around!

The main thing about any training is to make it fun.

Merry Christmas!

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